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15th Annual SE Permaculture Gathering

Important Information – Please Read!

Friday, Aug. 1 - Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008 Celo, NC  


Regardless of whether or not you've been here before, this is home.  The Gathering organizers, the Celo Community and the land, waters and sky of the South Toe River Valley welcome you.  We are a gathering where community, nature and love are celebrated.


Food- Three vegetarian meals will be provided each day; however, if you have any special dietary needs, please come prepared. We are grateful for your garden harvests, too- contact Usha Ruark at or 828/675-0853 if you will be bringing culinary delights from your garden to share.  We will be serving fresh, local fish on Saturday night for an additional $5.


Camping- The price of the gathering includes camping on-site.  There are many places near the Arthur Morgan School to camp- some in the woods, some in a big field across the road from AMS.  When you check in at Registration, we will give you some options.  Please note: there are private homes in the area, so be sure you are in an approved spot before setting up camp.


Thursday Arrival- Thursday is a day of set-up and preparation for the gathering.   If you are driving a distance and need to arrive on Thursday to be able to participate on Friday, you can register from 6-9 pm and set up your camp, and if you want you can help with set-up.  The school facilities are only available for set-up activities. There will be no prepared meal Thursday evening, so please do bring something simple for a pot-luck dinner. 


Friday Program- We are encouraging everyone to come on Friday morning and enjoy a full weekend of community! This year, we will have pre-programmed events happening on Friday morning.  The Open Space planning session will occur after lunch (from 2-3pm), followed by affinity circles.

The Friday morning options are:

·       Beekeeping Naturally- For beginners and experienced bee-keepers!  We will explore the benefits and beauty of bee-keeping & how to support the bees organically.  We’ll address specific questions that you have regarding this art, we will also look into a hive.  (Lead by Monica Williams and Turtle Turlington).

·       Room for Brooms-  Broom making interpreted by T. Bud Barkslip
In this slam, bam broom class we will make a wisk broom using low a tech traditional method. There will be time  to talk about making a stick broom as well. Bring  a favorite dried stick.

·       Belly Dancing- Our connection to the Earth and Nature is also our connection to our own bodies.  The movements and energies of the Elements of Nature also move within us.  The ancient art of Bellydancing celebrates the Feminine which inherently celebrates all of Nature.  Come join Jade in a dancing celebration of your body and spirit as integral elements of Nature and (most importantly) have FUN!  (Everyone is and women and children too!)


Animals- No animals are allowed to be brought to AMS or to the Gathering.


What to Bring- Camping gear, rain gear, warm clothes, personal snacks, musical instruments, ceremonial clothes for Saturday night, seeds to share, transplants/plants to give away, wares to trade or sell, precious offerings for a give-away, information to share.


Affinity Circles- The gathering offers daily "affinity circles" which are planned through Open Space.  Circles get together in groups to explore topics introduced at the Open Space planning session.   If you would like to offer a specific workshop, please present your idea at the on-site Open Space planning session to be held Friday afternoon from 2-3 pm.  There will also be a shorter Open Space session Saturday morning.


Work-Trades- Work-trade is for 6 hours, plus help with clean-up (many hands make light work). If you work-trade, you must be present Friday morning through clean-up on Sunday. The cost will be 1/2 off: $45 Early Bird or $60 after June 30th.  No work exchanges will be accepted via “walk-in.” All work-traders must call ahead of time to check availability. The 13 work-trade spots will go fast, so please contact us early if you are interested.


Work-Trade Positions:

-3 for Registration: (shifts on Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning, and Saturday Afternoon)

-7 for Kitchen Help (shifts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

-2 as Site Helpers

-1 for Healing Tent (massage therapist/healer wanted for this position)


Volunteering- All participants are expected to volunteer at least 2 hours during the event. 


Children- Please let us know if you plan on bringing your children.  If there are enough kids we will create a work-trade position to assist with kids activities during the weekend.  Also, kids are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the gathering.  Parents brining children are still responsible for their kids and are asked to volunteer at least 2 hours with Child Care/ Children’s Activities.


Healing Tent-Running from Friday morning Through Saturday evening, there will be a special tent for anyone who would like to donate their time and services to demonstrating the healing arts. There will also be First Aid available.


Celo/South Toe Residents-All Celo/ South Toe residents are invited to attend the Permaculture Gathering, including the affinity circles and meals. We would like to encourage the local area people to participate in the Gathering, so we have created a special daily rate for you: $20/ day. Saturday evening events (ceremony, campfires, drumming circles, etc.) are FREE for Celo/South Toe residents.

If you have any questions, please email or call Sam Ruark at  or 828-675-0863.

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